With the latest 2K projection system for stunning visuals and doubly digital sound, your movie watching experience will be at next level.

Lights out! Open the curtain!

With Digital Cinema projectors, fully digitalized cinema is now available for your big screen. NEC’s new digital 2K cinema projector, the NC1500C, fulfills DCI requirements and therefore secures all advantages of digital cinema technology.
With top picture quality thanks to excellent signal processing and a variety of special features, the NC1500C is a compact professional device for movie theaters. 12,000 ANSI lumens and 2K resolution will dazzle you with brilliantly sharp images and precise color reproduction.

As the established standard for cinema surround sound worldwide, Dolby Digital provides rich, enveloping sound that adds impact and realism both at the movies and in your home theater. In fact, every DVD as well as all HD broadcasts in the United States use Dolby Digital.