What Payment options are available?

You may pay with any major credit or debit cards or through Netbanking.

How do I order tickets?

Find the date and time of the show you would like to purchase tickets for. Then select the category of your choice and click reserve tickets.

Select the seats you would like to sit in, and once you have selected all seats you would like click Checkout button and proceed to payment.

Do I have to register?

Yes, you need to register with some very basic information needed to communicate the tickets confirmation to you. We will not share or sell any of this information.

Can I cancel my booked tickets?

No you cannot cancel the tickets once booked

I have booked tickets. What I have to do to gain admission in theater?

Once you book your tickets and your payment is successful, you will be receiving a ticket confirmation mail. The mail will be containing ticket confirmation PDF file as attachment. You need to take print of this file, and present the printout directly at the theater gate to gain entry.

I have booked tickets but I haven’t received ticket confirmation email.

Please visit the website again, log into your account and click on personal page. Check for the booked tickets history, verify the tickets status. If the status is anything other than ‘Paid & Sent’, your tickets have not been booked. In such a case, please book your tickets again.

I completed the transaction but my tickets were not booked.

This may be either due to successful transaction or due to our system not receiving the transaction status from bank in due time. Another reason for this may be you taking too much time to complete the whole booking process.

Money has been deducted from my account, but tickets were not booked.

If money has been deducted from your account for any unfulfilled order, we will receive the confirmation in a day or two, and we will initiate the refund process, so that you get your money back as soon as possible.

What to do in case of unsuccessful transactions?

To book your tickets, choose the appropriate movie and showtime, and complete the booking process again.

What to do with the ticket confirmation mail?

On successful transaction you will receive ticket confirmation mails with subject heading as ‘Update from BookMySeats.co.in’. The mail will contain a PDF file as attachment. Take the printout of this PDF file; this will serve as your ticket confirmation at theater.

Please note that you may also get a mail from CCAvenue containing the order details. This is an automated mail generated by Payment Gateway confirming your payment status as successful or unsuccessful. This mail is not a confirmation of ticket booking.

After I selected the seats and complete the order, I logged in from the members area; but after I logged in I was redirected to Home page.

Don’t worry, your order is still saved. Just look at the shopping cart on right hand side of the home page and click on ‘Checkout’ button