Welcome to the world of Sangam Cineplex, providing cinema par excellence since 1978 assuring you the cinematic viewing a pleasurable experience

Christie Digital 2K Projection System

  • Christie Digital 2K Projection System

    Sangam Cineplex is now equipped with “Christie Digital 2K Projection System” which is world renowned for its 3D quality projection.

    1st and only cinplex in MP equipped with “Christie Digital 2K Projection System”.

  • Auditorium

    We have a fully air conditioned auditorium so that you don’t feel the heat even in the peak summer. There is world class sound system installed to provide you with best sound effects, the hall is acoustically treated by the expertise so that you can feel every beat of the song and every shattering of the glass in the action sequence while seated on our well cushioned, plush , push back seats . The screen is at a very comfortable distance from the seats and is soothing to the eyes, more leg space is available and the open areas like aisles, foyers are larger such that there is no overcrowding even at full capacity.

  • Foyer

    We have a beautifully designed, huge air conditioned foyer for you to relax and enjoy freshly popped popcorns before you are seated for the movie. Our concessions counters provide variety of snacks for you to relish during the interval and our well trained and efficient staff will assure you best of the service so that you don’t miss the movie.

  • Platinum Lounge

    It is designed specially for our privileged clients with its exclusive seating lounge, concessions counters and washrooms as we completely understand your need to privacy away from the hustle bustle. There is SOS Service on Seats for our clients of the luxurious platinum seats

  • Kids Zone

    Our specially designed kids section is a treat for our little ones to do what they like the most whether its watching cartoons or playing video games so that you can rest assure they are having a good time too.

  • Amenities

    We have spacious and well maintained washrooms as we understand your need of hygiene.

  • Specially for Ladies

    We at Sangam Cineplex completely understand your inhibitions thus we have special facilities for our ladies, there is separate ticket window and special and privileged early entry. There are security guards and bouncers to assure you comfortable ambience

  • Parking Facilities

    Our parking space is ample and convenient , not a reason to worry.