Sangam c-neplex Cineplex is the most popular cinema hall in Bhopal, India. Since it is in the heart of the city, people not only find it easy to reach, but its vicinity also provides options for food and shopping.

The latest blockbusters can be watched here, with the best amenities making your experience enjoyable and comfortable.

While tickets can be booked on the site, online booking is also available and preferred too. People have often claimed for the multiplex to be the best in the city, one of the few that offer great, traditional food, comfortable seating and good quality screenings of movies.

If you every feel like taking a break from the sightseeing and roaming around, you can catch a show here! Enjoy! We work with many cinemas from single-screen arthouse theatres to large multiplexes with nationwide locations. Below is a small selection of clients that we’ve had the privilege of working with, click the image to visit their live website.

be Single Screen 3D Cinema.

Company Vision

Sangam c-neplex, we aim to create an environment where everyone feels home.

Establish effective and supportive relationships and be able to work collaboratively. Offer experiences that value, reflect and build on our diverse community.

Encouraging innovation, socializing, thinking, learning and most of all playing!

  • Engaged and attentive audience
  • Sought-after demographics
  • Uncluttered media environment
  • Light TV viewers, enabling brands to a unique audience reach
  • Cinema has the lowest ad avoidence of all media; cinemagoers perceive the ads as part of the overall experience
  • Relaxed, excited and expectant audience is focused on the big screen
  • Average advertising impact in cinema is greater than TV
  • 3D Cinema campaigns have proven higher recall/entertainment

    Interactivity with cinema audiences through mobile apps prolongs a cinema advertising campaign. A 30-second ad can now have greater recall with add content through mobile